What is included in our coverage?

Preparations, ceremony, banquet, dance and of course the party ... and most importantly our expertise are covered. There is almost no time limit, no limit on pictures taken and we do not limit the locations ... The essential needs to have creative photos of your wedding day.

What style is your photography?

As creative a photographer, I like to tell the real story of your day... I do this by capturing unique moments discreetly as they happen. This discreet approach helps me capture the natural moments of your day. When it's time, I will also take a more active role in making artistic photos. I dream of unique and creative perspectives, often reaching the limit of the impossible looking for a single photo. I am not afraid about getting dirty or about any obstacle that stands between me and the picture dreamt. The final results are timeless images that draw single and real work.

How to hire you?

Very easy! By email or by phone. Make an appointment to get to know each other and chat together about your wedding plans.


How many photographs would you expect to take on our wedding day?

There is no limit to the number of shots I would take on your wedding day, but I would estimate to provide you with a *minimum of 200 images of what I believe to be the best representation of your day. Quality over quantity really is the best option.